Our company JH We Care Enterprise (IP0464632-T) was formed in early of year 2016, began as a husband and wife team who only ordinal Malaysians with a simple desire to improve water supply quality on our own house. However, Malaysian water industry is overpriced (well-known by everyone) and to get an effective water technology always beyond our affordability as because we are one of the majority- the middle income group in Malaysia.

With a unique opportunity, we had visited an international water exhibition before our water filter purchased. In the event, we met with a nice, friendly and honest marketing director of a foreign Original Design Manufacturer (ODM), who sourcing the latest water filter technologies to worldwide. Since then, we have been working to import few water filter technologies which effective to enhance household tap water quality and the most important is – with affordable price!  Ultimately, ACQUA brand outdoor water filter was born.Click here to know better the ACQUA water filters.

So far, ONLINE is our current preferred business model as because we tend to take small simple steps, despite we have a Big Dream inside our heart.  With a great opportunity provided by many local Marketplaces, including Lazada Marketplace, 11 Street Marketplace, Shoppu (AEON) Marketplace , Logon Marketplace and so on, so that we able to save many start-up investments on the shop rentals, employees, marketing teams, and many other miscellaneous fees.

That’s why we can provide the most “affordable” price in current marketplace.

Thus, we really need your supports and we have ultimate purpose to share and provide more and more water technologies with “effective and affordable” to our Malaysia Citizens. Please do not worry about the Warranty promise. What we promised to you, we will fulfill it as because the “Big Dream” embedded in our heart is the most important motivator for us to sustain our business in future.

In order of fulfilling all above “We Care Water and We Share #ACQUA Membrane UF Water Technologies 2 U”


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